WebToMet 3.1

WebToMet was originally designed to collect data from "MarketMaker"
3.1.29 (See all)

WebToMet was originally designed to collect data from "MarketMaker" which is a live display of securities prices provided by "Deal4Free" and put it into MetaStock Professional as MarketMaker doesn't provide any way to do this. The benefit of using MetaStock as opposed to using the graphs provided is obvious to anyone who has MetaStock, there are many more indicators that can be drawn on the charts, the scaling is better, as well as more advanced options such as explorations. Another option is to buy data on line for direct input into MetaStock but this has two drawbacks, it's expensive and the numbers don't quite match with MarketMaker as MarketMaker is a trading platform and is a derivative of the market and not the market directly. WebToMet has been made adjustable so that it can be made to match the format of other watch screens such as "Medved QuoteTracker", a live watch screen showing data collected from free data services provided by online brokers. Quote Tracker is adware or you can pay a small fee, if you don't mind the adds then this is a lot cheaper for intraday data. Noticed that there is a program available on the market now that uses a direct data connection to Quote Tracker and writes directly to MetaStock data files.

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